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Woodland Charities Updates 2014!

September news!

Woodland Public Charity, a humanitarian nonprofit organization based in Kansas City, Missouri since 2002, has announced that Jorge D. Coromac is the new Executive Director.  Coromac has been with the organization for the last two years. His leadership and vision has been instrumental to engage hundreds of volunteers to participate in the implementation of the programs and projects which Woodland currently leads in Central America.

“We are very pleased to announce this appointment,” Wes R. McCoy, Woodland Chair, Board of Directors.  “Jorge, will bring his experience, leadership and creativity to the humanitarian efforts and a deep sense of commitment to our programs in the Central America region.  Jorge has served nonprofits in several program, fundraising, executive and leadership levels, and has an in depth perspective and experience.”

Jorge Coromac’s experience includes over 22 years of executive planning, administration, board of director’s engagement, fundraising, communications and marketing in the nonprofit sector at local, national and international levels.  Jorge brings diverse methodologies and sources which focus on promoting capacity building, leadership engagement, community participatory programs and sustainable initiatives.

On May 2014, Jorge, was recognized by Rotary International with the “Service Above Self Award”. Jorge received this award because of his extraordinary example of how each Rotarian can make a difference both locally and internationally and it is awarded only to 50 Rotarians of the 1.2 million members around the world.

In 2011 Jorge received the “Guatemala Peace Ambassador Award” for his extensive work in the country leading a Water Sanitation, Hygiene and Access to Health Program and for leading humanitarian efforts during natural disasters caused by hurricanes and tropical depressions.

As a Guatemala native, Jorge earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications-Professional Journalism from the University of San Carlos and a Master’s Degree in History and Social Sciences from Del Valle University. Jorge has also gone through FEMA training in the National Incident Management System, Incident Command System, Initial Actions Incident program and the Cancer Ambassador program from the University of Kansas.

Jorge’s recent work in Latin America has led to establishing partnerships with organizations such as: Rotary International, ACONANI, CEPREDENAC, Red Cross, Vida Peru, Heart to Heart International, Engineers Without Borders, and Universities such as: Xavier University, Kansas University Medical Center (KUMCIO) Kansas State, Mid America Nazarene University, Temple University, Park University and others.  His fluency in Spanish and English, understanding of the importance of cultural sensitivity, global health, public health and the engagement on all levels of volunteerism helps in establishing on-going partnerships with the people, communities, corporations and local governments to join efforts in responding to the communities’ needs.

 “I look forward to continuing to serve and making strong partnerships with individuals, local and international organizations in this new capacity,” remarks Coromac.  “My passion to serve in this sector is because I believe that everyone has a tremendous gift to share and it is always an honor to witness the caring, compassion and professional services that volunteers provide to the less fortunate in today world”.

Woodland Public Charity is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization leading an “Access to Education, Health and Safe Drinking Water in Central America.

June news!

Woodland volunteers from Desoto Rotary Club, Topeka South RC and Washburn University Nurse School from Kansas are traveled to Guatemala from June 8 to 15 to support the Access Education, Health and Safe Drinking Water that is implemented in the community of Patanatic and surrounding areas in Sololá, Guatemala.

The team focused in distribution/monitoring water filters, cook stoves installation and provision of basic medical checkups to students and families of San Pablo and Patanatic and donation of soccer/basket balls, tooth brush, tooth paste, multivitamins, glucose machines/strips, newborn close, shoes and school supplies.
Washburn Nurse Team was able to provide training about newborn care and nutrition. Mothers and community leaders attend the training. They expressed their gratitude for the training and education materials that was provided to them.  The team also was able to perform home visit to provide medical care to the seniors of the Patanatic community and the Pharmacies Lori Murdock was able to visit the home of the newborn babies and provide multivitamins to each of the mothers.

An education session focus in "Children with Learning Disabilities" was provided to the teachers of the Elementary School of Patanatic.  This is the first time ever that the Patanatic teachers received this type of training.  Ann Barr and Nancy Rhone provided this training to the teachers. This was the first part of a continuos training that will be provided to the Patanatic teachers.

Non medical team visited the elementary schools of San Juan and Patanatic to provide education training about dental care. After the basic training the team distributed tooth brushes to each student and tooth paste to each of the classrooms.  The team also was able to monitoring water filters in San Juan, installed 7 cook stoves, 29 water filters in San Luis Patanatic and purchase shoes to 15 students of the Elementary School of Patanatic.

Team members included: Scott Berry, Nancy Rae Garcia, Faron Barr, Lauren Barr, Grace Ann Barr, Mary Beth Fund, Cynthia Hornberger, Joel Edwards, Lenora Edwards, Randall Arndt, Lori Ann Murdock, Kayla Murdock, Nancy Kay Rhone, Roberta Mansfield.

On behalf of the people of Patanatic and San Juan, Woodland express gratitude to each of the members of the June team and also to people and organization that provide In-Kind and cash donations for this trip, that includes: Jamie Stanford, Maria Wilson, Greatest American Bank, De Soto Rotary Club, Topeka South Rotary Club, Jill & Richard Hemphill, Robert Gunther, Peter & Anne Staunffer, Faron/Ann Barr and Lori/Kayla Murdock.


To learn more about Woodland programs or to become a volunteer contact or visit

May news!

 Rotary International Service Above Self Award to Jorge Coromac

Woodland Charities Vice President Jorge D. Coromac and Rotarian of District 5710, was recognize by Rotary International with the Service Above Self Award on May 2nd 2014. The importance of Service Above Self has long been recognized by Rotarians who understand the power and reward of helping their friends and neighbors in need.
Rotary International asked current and past Rotary offices to submit the names and accomplishments of outstanding Rotarians. While Rotary received a large response, only a maximum of 50 Rotarians receive the Rotary International Service Above Self Award worldwide.

With this award, Rotary family recognizes the contributions that Jorge Coromac has made through Rotary over the years.  Jorge received this award because of his extraordinary example of how each Rotarian can make a difference local and international.

Congratulation Jorge D. Coromac for this international award!

Here are some messages from Jorge's friends:

Wes McCoy This prestigious recognition went to the finest example of a Rotarian, Rotarian Jorge Coromac.The "Service Above Self" award only goes to the top 50 Rotarian Leaders in the Rotary World of 1.2 Million Rotarians in over 200 Countries. Congratulations, my friend!

Patti Bossert Congratulations Jorge!! You are so deserving of this recognition! You humbly give so much of yourself to others and never ask for anything in return. You are truly an example of Service Above Self and I am proud to know you!

Abby Zimmerman Congratulations!!!! You deserve this so much Jorge! You've been my role model since I met you my sophomore year and I hope I can one day change as many lives as you have. I'm so happy for you!! :D:D:D

Angel Carter Congratulations and well deserved!

Lisa Bartlett Congratulations!!

Marshall Rimann Cheers!!

Amanda Swift · Seriously one of the best people ever- congrats Jorge!

John Donovan
 That's 50 out of 1.2 *million* Rotarians, folks. By contrast, there are 535 District Governors every year. It is a big deal!

Bob & Jan SchwartzJorge, Just learned about your Service Above Self Award.  A magnificent award for a truly deserving person.  Sorry Jan and I could not be in attendance but we were there with you in spirit. Keep up the good work—we are proud of you. Bob and Jan Schwartz

Vickie RandelJorge D. Coromac receiving the Rotary Service Above Self award. Only fifty Rotarians are chosen for this each year, and no one has ever deserved it more. Thank you, Jorge, for doing good in the world. 

April news!
4th Anniversary of the “Centro Educativo y Salud Patanatic

 On April 25, Woodland and the Centro Educativo y Salud Patanatic celebrated its 4th anniversary serving the people of Patanatic and surrounding communities in Guatemala.

The community celebration included: the International walk/run marathon, a soccer tournament, a medical symposium, cultural activities and the provision of trophies and medals to the winners of the sport activities. 

More than 75 runners participated in the marathon that includes students, community leaders, teachers and volunteers of Temple University Pharmacy School.

For first time, the soccer tournament was played for 4 soccer female teams: Community leader team, 6th grade team, Teacher team and Temple Uni. team. 

During the celebration Temple University received the "Patanatic Humanitarian Awards" for the aid provided to the people of Patanatic during the last 4 years.

Thank you to everyone that made this community celebration a fantastic event that last all day! Thank you! Muchas gracias!

To learn more about this program contact or visit

Temple University travels to Guatemala
Woodland volunteers from Temple University traveled to Guatemala from April 23 to 30. This is the third year that Temple University supports the Access to Education, Health and Safe Drinking Water in Patanatic and surrounding areas.

The team focused in provides school medical checkups to the students of Cerro de Oro and to families of Patanatic. The team also was able to  help with the monitoring of water filters and installing cook stoves.

In Patanatic as many other villages in Guatemala breathing in the toxic fumes while preparing tortillas and food puts Mayan women and kids at risk for respiratory illnesses, blindness and burns on a daily basis. It is estimated that 77% of Guatemalan families use wood as their main fuel source. Families spend a lot of time collecting firewood.

Temple University team was able raise funding for 9 cook stoves that will eliminate smoke 95% in their homes and minimize the use of fire wood up to 85%.  Temple team was able to install the cook stove during their trip. Without questions this cook stove will improve the sanitary conditions at homes and will reduce respiratory diseases.

To learn more about this program contact or visit

Woodland News - January to March 2014

Woodland Charities sends humanitarian aid to Panama and Guatemala.
One hundred and twenty-six volunteers among physicians, nurses, dentists, ophthalmologists, student of nursing and medicine travelled to support the Access to Education, Health and Safe Drinking Water program that Woodland implements in Panama and Guatemala during the first three months of  2014.

 With the aim of providing training, capacity, medical and dental checkups to communities that do not have access to this basis service, Woodland coordinates the intervention of volunteer groups such as Xavier University from Cincinnati, OH, Kansas Medical Center International Outreach, K-State from Kansas, Park University from Missouri and South Dakota University school of physiotherapy for delivery and distribution of wheelchairs.

"It is undeniable that the social projection, humanitarian service and the academic and professional quality of each one of the universities which collaborate with Woodland impact positively the life of less fortunate people in Panama and Guatemala. It is an honor to coordinate with these universities that have a great recognition in each of their areas and bring that quality, experience and professionalism at the service of the people in Guatemala and Panama", commented Jorge D. Coromac Vice President of Woodland Charities.
In Panama KU Med International Outreach provide humanitarian aid to 1,053 people who do not have access to health and dental care in the region of Chepo. In Guatemala, Park University, Xavier University and KUMCIO Rotaract were able to provide medical school medical checkups, neonatal care and ophthalmological care to 2,433 people.


South Dakota University was able to deliver 26 wheelchairs and medical attention to people who never had this vital resource.

K-State University Rotaract build and delivery wood beds for families in need and also help with the monitoring and delivery of water filters in the community of Patanatic and San Pedro. K-State also perform lab test.

"In Woodland, we strive to unify capacities, resources, skills, and abilities to serve those who do not have resources and basic services. During these weeks of intense work, we have seen how professionals and students from each of the universities focus on giving the best of themselves and collaborate very closely both with Panama and Guatemala local volunteers as well as international volunteers from other universities, “commented Coromac.

"Is a great challenge to coordinate all logistical aspects involved prior, during and after sending groups of volunteers to Guatemala and Panama but in Woodland, we developed a strategic dynamic that allows and facilitates multidisciplinary coordination both locally and internationally for example: coordinate arrivals/departures of volunteers, airline tickets, transportation, accommodation, meals, translators, supplies, cultural activities, etc... all is accomplished thanks to the direct presence of Woodland and its partners in each country/community that ultimately allows us to bring aid to those most in need and use each of the volunteers skills/experiences where is most need it", ended Coromac.

This year KUMCIO sent 18 volunteers to Panama, and 22 to Guatemala. Xavier University sent 19 volunteers, Park University sent 26 volunteers and K-State sent 13 volunteers. South Dakota University sent 28 volunteers.  A total of 4,368 hours of volunteering and approximately $14,200 in in-kind donations including: medications, products, school supplies, vitamins, wheelchairs wheelchair, crutches, canes, walkers, production of educational videos / health and sports equipment (balls of football, basketball, and volleyball).

“Thank you infinitely for the professional support and humanitarian work that each of the volunteers from different universities performed in Guatemala because they have helped and significantly impacted the lives of children and families in rural communities in Guatemala and Panama”, mention the nurse Ana Garcia.

"As Guatemalan, I am honored to work, learn and to coordinate with this group of professionals shoulder to shoulder because their example of voluntary and humanitarian service inspires us to continue to help our people."  Our commitment is to continue providing follow up to all cases detected and ensure that people that received medical, ophthalmologic consultation, muti-vitamins and medicine completed the treatment and medicine as was indicated by the medical providers”, said nurse Ana from the Education and Health Center Patanatic/Woodland Guatemala team.

Woodland Charities is an organization focused on the implementation of program with the direct participation of communities, the development of human and technical capacity and to establish mid and long-term collaboration with local and international volunteers/organizations.

Woodland is a non-profit organization registered in Missouri and with the experience of 12 years implementing program and projects in Central America.

To become a Woodland volunteer or to learn more about Woodland and how to support the programs contact Jorge Coromac at or visit face book Woodland Charities Guatemala or

KUMCIO Rotaract – Chepo, Panama

A Woodland volunteer team from KUMCIO Rotaract traveled to Panama from February 8 to 15, 2014, to provide medical aid to students and families in Chepo and Pedro Gonzalez Island.

The members of the team were: Dr Sarah Taylor, Dr Stephen Williamson, Marta Williamson, Nathan Roberts, NP Sharon Lewis, Whitley Hulse, Andrew Topham, Ashley Clark, Danielle Bradshaw, Jared Roberts, Jasmin Nwachokor, Kevin Cummings, Taylor Easley, and Dr Sarah Folscroft.
Woodland and the people of Chepo are so thankful for the great work and humanitarian efforts of the Kansas University Medical Center International Outreach – Rotaract (KUMCIO-ROTARACT) provided to the children and families.  A total of 1,053 medical and dental care checkups were provided during this trip.



December news!

Woodland Celebrate its 11th Anniversary!

On December 5th, Woodland Public Charity celebrated its 11th anniversary of developing humanitarian programs in Guatemala, South Africa, and Kenya. During these years Woodland has helped families and communities by giving them access to education, health, and safe drinking water programs.  All is possible thank you to a admirable group of volunteers that inject so much energy to the program and to the projects in the communities of Guatemala.

This celebration's objective is to recognize the great volunteer work of individuals, companies, and organizations. Together, with Woodland, we bring aid to individuals, families, and communities that are less fortunate. It is a honor to work with the USA volunteers and with the team of volunteer and professionals  in Patanatic and surrounding areas of Sololá. Guatemala.

For their outstanding service to the community this year Woodland’s Humanitarian Awards were given to:

• Volunteer Award:
           Bonnie Asbury

• Humanitarian Partner Award
           Olathe Rotary Club

• Humanitarian Business Award
           Schloegel Design Remodel Inc.

• Media Humanitarian Award:
          Dos Mundos/Reyes Media

• Champion Humanitarian Award
          Patty Bossert

• Youth Humanitarian Award:
          Abby Zimmerman

The volunteers and organizations that received the Humanitarian Recognition have been appointed and selected for their valuable contribution to the development of families and communities most in need.

Their professionalism, voluntary service, and passion to serve others is a true example for today's society and future.

Our Keynote speaker Abby Zimmerman share with all her amazing passion to serve people here in the States and Guatemala.  Abby leadership engage 11 interact students to travel to Guatemala on July 2013 and provided eye exams to students of 3 elementary schools,  water filters, computer classes and developed educational materials for English lessons. 

“It is an honor for Woodland to recognize all of our volunteers and cooperating organizations/companies because through the unification of time, skills, and treasure we can support families and communities that are less fortunate”, said Jorge D. Coromac, Vice President of Woodland.


Here is October news!

Academic Award  to Med Student David Garcia
The student of medicine from Patanatic, David Garcia, received an academic recognition for their outstanding academic performance in his first and second semester of the physician general and surgeon career.
David is one of the four Nurse Assistant that Woodland sponsor in 2011-2012 and now David continues their academic studies through the scholarship that was granted in 2013. 
David is finalizing its second semester which of his first year. David is making a great effort and without any doubt with their academic performance shows gratitude for the scholarship given to him.  Woodland thanks to Patti/Paul Bossert, Overland Park South RC, the Coromac Family and the Douglas Community Foundation for the support to Scholarship granted to David. 
Congratulations David and keep up the great work!

Patanatic Neonatal Program
As part of the access to health and maternal care program during this year 17 mothers and 17 babies had been receiving maternal care in Patanatic.
Families, as well as the nurses, are very pleased by the opportunity to provide service to the community, which ensures appropriate follow-up to the health of mothers and babies.  Congratulations to new mothers!

Temple University and Woodland Guatemala
Jorge D. Coromac Vice President of Woodland Charities was invited to visit Temple University, Philadelphia to present the Access to Education, Health and Safe Drinking Water program to faculty and Pharmacy School students.
During this visit, Jorge had the opportunity to meet with the Dean of the University Peter H. Doukas, PH.D., with Dr. Nicole Sifontes, volunteers who traveled in Guatemala in 2012 and February 2013 as well as key staff from the School of Pharmacy.
Temple University is preparing another group of volunteers that will travel in 2014 to Sololá Guatemala to continue supporting the education, health program by training local Guatemalan nurses, students and teachers in basic aspects of: health, use of medications, etc.
Jorge expresses gratitude on behalf of the families of Guatemala the great support of Temple University as well as the strengthening of cooperation between the two organizations Woodland and Temple University.

For more information about the Guatemala Access to Education, Health and Safe Drinking Water or to become a volunteer contact Jorge Coromac at: or

Here is September news!!!

Cook Stoves and Water filters

On September families of Patanatic received cook stoves and water filters as part of access safe drinking water and sanitation that Woodland and the local leader of Patanatic are implementing.  A total of 10 cook stoves were installed and 14 water filters were distributed too. 

Additional to this benefits local leaders and students received sewing machine training in regards to manufacture covers for the water filters.  They were able to make 43 water filter covers.
Students of 5th and 6th grade also participated in Nutritional classes.

School De-worming campaign
During September students, teachers and principal of the San Pedro, San Juan, Cerro de Oro, San Antonio, San Andres, Patanatic y San Luis participated in the second de-worming campaign. This is part of the disease prevention program that happened twice a year.
Thank you to the Lenexa and Topeka South Club the students also receive pen or pencils during the de-worming campaign.  Around 2,401 students receive the medicine and the pencil/pens.

Rotarians from Topeka South, Overland Park South and Lenexa travel to Guatemala

From September 9 to 16 Rotarians from Topeka South, Overland Park South and Lenexa travel to Guatemala to support the Access to Education, Health and Safe Drinking Water that is implemented in the region of Sololá, Guatemala in collaboration with the people of Patanatic and Woodland Charities.

The members of the team were Patti Bossert, Kyle Smith, Jeanine Wells and Thomas Ellis from the Topeka South RC;  PDG John Vandewalle from Overland Park South RC.  Along with the team came: Wes Smith, Jonathan Ellis, Carla Hansen, Allison Forese, Ron Finger, Bev Schwartz, Lee Schwartz and Jorge D Coromac V.P. of Woodland Charities.

For more information about the Guatemala Access to Education, Health and Safe Drinking Water or to become a volunteer contact Jorge Coromac at: or

Here is August News!


Medicine Student Carlos David
David continues to develop his medical studies very successfully. Recently received a "certificate of academic success" because in his first semester, David kept a good academic level and their scores were one of the best of his class.

 Besides David’s regular studies, he is also part of the Group of students that provides recommendations and suggestions to the University to improve the curriculum of study, activities and other students’ academic opportunities.
 Congratulations David and keep up a good work in your education!

Woodland Charities presented the Guatemala Access to Education Health and safe drinking water” to several organizations

During the month of August Jorge D. Coromac Vice President of Woodland Charities presented the Guatemala program in different institutions such as: INMED, Olathe Bible Church, Primitivo Garcia school, dental school of UMKC and district 5710 of Rotary International.

These presentation are tremendous opportunities for create awareness of the challenges that many communities are facing today in regard access to Education, Health and Safe Drinking Water. Also aloud Woodland to share the achievements and challenges of the program as well the opportunity that this program offer to individuals or groups to support the program as volunteers.

Woodland recognizes that each individual or organization has abilities and skills that can be share with leaders, families and communities in need with the focus in create capacity in the communities and establishing strong partnership.

Custom Foods and Enzo's Bakery continue supporting the Water and Sanitation program in Guatemala.
During this year the companies Custom Foods located in De Soto and Enzo's Bakery located in Kansas City, Kansas continue supporting the program with the donation of 5 gallons water buckets that are used in Guatemala to provide water filters.

This year Woodland has received donation of 310 five gallons plastic buckets that allow access to safe drinking water to 155 families.

To learn more about this program or how to become a volunteer please contact or

July up date!  enjoy the great news from Guatemala

Rotarians and Interacts of Rotary District 5710 - Kansas, visited Guatemala.
 Eleven Interacts from Shawnee Mission Northwest High school along with four Rotarians of the District 5710 are visitied Guatemala from July 9 to 15 for a Service Above Self trip in the region of Sololá Guatemala.

The team’s activities were to monitoring/evaluate the water filters in the community of San Pablo and San Antonio Palopo and also will perform a basic eye exam  (near and far) to students of 5th and 6th grade of the elementary schools.

The Interact/Rotary team also worded at the community nutritional garden of Patanatic, and painted the Medical Clinic of the Patanatic community.
The volunteers of SMNW Interacts were: Caitlin Beatty, Rachael Hoelting, Abigail Zimmerman, Natalie Zimmerman, Lindsay Butts, Carolyn Osbern, Anastasia Sokolenko, Gabrielle Whitmore, Colleen Freeman, Bailey McCrary and Nieko Giesbrcht. Also with the team traveled President Elect of the Olathe Rotary Club Geoffrey Neufeld; the Past District Governors Wes Mc Coy (Olahte Club) Greg Peterson (Lenexa Club); Jorge D. Coromac VP of Woodland Public Charity and the volunteers Juliamaria and Jorge Luis Coromac.

Here is the description of the trip by some of the Interacts:

 Hola! This is Abby speaking. Today (July 11)  was our second day of work and the entire Interact team is so excited to be in Guatemala. We're incredibly grateful for the family, friends, and Rotarians who have helped us raise the money to get here. A special thanks goes to the Lenexa club for a matching grant, as well as the Shawnee, Johnson County, and Western Johnson County clubs for their generous donations. This would not have been possible without Rotary. Also, we’d like to thank Applebee’s, Hy-Vee, Peachwave, and Sonic for allowing us to do multiple fundraisers. Finally, a big thank you is due for everyone who purchased a Sponsor a Student or made an individual donation. We don't know what we would do without you, and we hope that the work we do here will make you proud.

We worked in the village of San Antonio. After taking a bus ride up into the mountains, we gave the kids at the local school eye exams and checked some of the water filters in the community. Much like we did in San Pablo. I was amazed at the number of students and teachers who had been living with poor, or some cases horrible, vision. I definitely could not function that gracefully without my contacts....It makes you appreciate everything we have at home.

The team has absolutely loved interacting with the children. They are probably some of the sweetest kids you'll meet, and some of the funniest.
Hola! This is Gabby speaking. Today (July 11) we worked in the village of San Antonio. After taking a bus ride up into the mountains, we gave the kids at the local school eye exams and checked some of the water filters in the community. Much like we did in San Pablo. I was amazed at the number of students and teachers who had been living with poor, or some cases horrible, vision. I definitely could not function that gracefully without my contacts....It makes you appreciate everything we have at home.

Hi, my name is Nieko. The fourth day of work was the messiest of the days. We all arrived at the medical clinic and moved all of the furniture away from the walls.  Once the first and second coats were finished some people started painting the baseboard black. We were in a rush to finish because the 6th grade regional soccer champion team was coming to play against us.

Once the soccer team arrived and we finished painting, we took a van down to the soccer field. We had 11 people and they had 6 people plus two more that we met there at the field. At first it was very hard and they were beating us, it was like they just toyed with us. But once they scored their first goal I passed the ball to Bailey who kicked it in for our first goal! Every time they scored we scored back! Abby Zimmerman and Ana Sokolenko scored also for a tie at three to three. We then did our penalty kicks. The other team made one of their shots, and Lindsay Butts, and Jorge Luis scored our two last shots, Lindsay scoring the winning one.

I am so happy we were able to help out the people of Patanatic and I hope to come back another time to volunteer.

Woodland Charities Guatemala receives a donation of 22 computers from Litl.

On July 9, 2013 Woodland Charities Guatemala received a donation of 22 laptops for the Educational and Health Program that is implemented in Patanatic, Sololá, Guatemala.
The computers will be used to support the programs that are implementing at the Education and Health Center Patanatic or Centro Educativo y Salud Patanatic–CESP.

Elementary students of Fifth and sixth grade,  as well the nursing students will benefit directly with the use of the internet Lilt laptops allowing students to access educational information on the internet.

The Patanatic Educational and Health Center will provide computer classes; English classes and Nursing curses to students from the region of Sololá.

"Is incredible this donation of laptops... the students never have had the opportunity to have access to computers in the past and today... what was a dream…now is a reality... a reality that will strengthen the learning process and positively transformation of the lives of our students."  Commented the Patanatic Principal of the Elementary School Prof. Cesar Garcia .

"I'm very happy to have the chance that neither my older brothers nor my parents had... having access to a computer which would help me in my classes and at the same time I will learn about how  to use the computer and navigate in the internet “said sixth grader Odalis Faustina De León. 

Young Rotarians from the Interact Club of Shawnee Mission Northwest High School supported the installation of computers and the beginning of computer classes for the children of the school of Patanatic. 

 "It's amazing the happiness that the laptops brings to the students. The Patanatic students pay attention and I notice as they played the keyboard how they touch the laptops very carefully because they have never had access to a computer.  Without a doubt this donation is going to impact the lives and education of students” said Colleen Freeman young Rotarian from the Interact Club of Shawnee Mission Northwest.

Woodland appreciates this important donation because it positively impact educational programs and improve the academic level of students. Jorge D. Coromac Woodland VP Charities said. To learn more about this program contact

Hello, hello!, here is June Update!

Volunteer team From Topeka Kansas

From June 9 to 15 a team of 7 volunteers from Topeka Kansas traveled to Guatemala to support the “Access to Education, Health and Safe Drinking Water” that is implemented in the community of Patanatic and surrounding areas of Sololá, Guatemala.

The team was able to provide medical checkups to students of kindergarten and first grad of the Elementary Schools of San Pedro, Cerro de Oro, San Juan and Patanatic. The team also was able to provide basic eye checkup to the students of 5th and 6th grades.

A total of 127 students received medical checkups and 135 receive eye checkups.  34 students were detected that they needed glasses.  They immediately received glasses to read.  In the immediate future, a group of volunteer ophthalmologists will visit these schools and make a more specific test to students who were detected on this occasion.

The Team was able to monitoring some of the water filters that some families received in the past. Thank you to the donation of Topeka South Club and Olathe South High school ad Shawnee Mission Rotary Club the team was able to provide 11 water filters and install six new cook stoves.

Thank you for the hard work of Faron Farr, Nancy Garcia, Ann Farr, Lauren Farr, Bryan Van Meter, Scott Berry and the nurses: Ana Garcia  and Sonia Xiquin.  Muchas gracias!

Patanatic Med Student completed firs semester!
The student of medicine Carlos David Garcia had completed his first semester of studies in the career of General Physician and Surgeon.

David is one of four students that received a scholarship to become Nurse Assistant  of the community of Patanatic, Sololá, that graduated on September 20.

In 2013 the four nurses applied to be admitted at the Medicine School and to continue studies in medicine but just David was the only one that was accepted into the program.

From January 2013 David had to move from Sololá Guatemala to Quetzaltenango where the medicine school is located.

 This has been a challenge for David because he has been to move away from his family, friends and their community.

"While it is true, this represents a great sacrifice being away from the family and the community, I also recognize, and I appreciate the support that I am receiving to continue medical studies that will allow me to return to my community and provide better service to all" express medical student David Garcia.

David has received this scholarship thank you to the support of Patti and Paul Bossert, the Overland Park South Rotary Club and Coromac family.

David will start the second semester in the month of July. Congratulations David and keep up the great work in your studies!

To learn more about this program or how to become a volunteer please contact or

May Update!

Greetings to all!

This month update brings you an amazing journal that Patanatic is leading in the region of Sololá!

Really wish that you were over there during the distribution of the wheel chairs… I was able to witness the amazing work of the Patanatic leaders and nurses. So proud of their hard work and their passion to serve!

 Wheel Chair Project-Patanatic May 2013
 On May 6th and 7th 2013, fifty-nine people from the communities of Cerro de Oro, San Juan La Laguna, San Pedro La Laguna, Nahuala, San Jorge La Laguna, Panajachel, Tierra Linda and Patanatic Communities of Sololá, Guatemala received wheel chairs through the coordination between Hope Haven, South Dakota University/Physical Therapy School, the Education and Health Center Patanatic-CESP-, Woodland Public Charity and the leaders of Patanatic town.

Children, youth, adults and seniors were beneficiated with the project. The aim of the project was to deliver wheelchairs to 59 people and customized each of the chairs according to the need of the patients: high, age and physical condition. The patient and relatives that received wheel chairs were trained about how to use, and how to take care of the wheelchair.

Besides getting the wheelchair, each patient received a general medical exam that was conducted by nurses of the Centro Educativo y Salud Patanatic (CESP) and medical students at the University of South. The patients received the medical check, medicine, multivitamins, dental vanish, and dental supplies and personal hygiene kit. 87% of patients have never had a wheel chair and therefore many do not have access to health care.

This project was possible thank you to the active participation of volunteer from Woodland, the Education and Health Center -CESP- that unified efforts with the South Dakota Physiotherapy Faculty/students and Hope Haven-Antigua Guatemala.

Medical School Scholarship – David Garcia

David Garcia, one of the four nurses of Patanatic, Sololá continues succeeding in Medical School.

David expressed his gratitude for the scholarship but also fortified his commitment to continue every day putting the best of him in his education. He said “These three months had been a big challenge for me… to be far away from my family, my friends, my town is hard… but when I have so many books to read, a lot of homework and research projects… really the time goes as water in your hands. Every day I awake thinking that soon I will be able to keep helping my community with my skills and to be able to do that I need to be prepared”… “so thank  you to all you that are making possible this scholarship that will be traduce in help and better health care for the people of Patanatic. Thank you to all of you that keep me in your prayers and keeping supporting Woodland and Jorge because without you I will never be able even to dream… thank you!

“I am connecting with you because every time that I am able to check the updates from Woodland and Jorge’s Facebook or the blog I can see how much good are you doing for the people of Guatemala… that really inspire me and make me think that you are a blessing for my town and this world… thank for all you do for your families and my families… thank you and hope that one day… I will have again the honor to work shoulder by shoulder with you! Thank you!

David completed in April his first trimester test with great scores. David has been supported thank you to the generosity of the Overland Park South RC, Patti and Paul Bossert and the Coromac family.

Guatemala: Access to Education, Health and Safe Drinking Water Program presented at District 5710 annual conference.
The Guatemala Program was presented to all the leaders of the D5710 during their Annual Conference that this year took place at Rock Spring, Junction City, KS on May 3 to 5, 2013.

The presentation was made it thank you to the participation of volunteers that last year went to Guatemala as part of the “volunteer opportunities” that Woodland offers year round the year.

The presenters were: Patti Bossert from the Topeka South RC, Whitley Johnson from KU Rotaract, Faron Harr from the Topeka South RC, Abby Zimmerman from Shawnee Mission HS Interact, John Wilhite Past District Governor D5710 and from Overbrook RC and Jorge D. Coromac from Woodland.

To learn more about how to become a volunteer or how to support these projects contact Jorge Coromac at; or

Here is April update!
Please see the exciting news about the new babies in Patanatic, the literacy project, the water filters and the community garden/ farm projects.   Hope to see you soon back in Guatemala!

Patanatic newborns 2013!
Nine new babies had been born from January until March 2013. Mothers and babies had been able to receive their monthly check up and they are in good health condition.
Nurse Sonia Xiquin from the Centro Educativo y Salud Patanatic –CESP- mentioned: “it is a blessing for the families and to the community these new babies. In the CESP we had been able to visit them to their homes and also they are receiving the monthly check up. For the last four months we had family doctors, nurse practitioner and a Pediatrician at the CESP. They provide medical checkups to the babies and mother. To have all these types of professionals also is a blessing for new babies, parents and the community because they are the experts”. Thank you to all of you that help us to continue providing medical care, training and friendship to the families of Patanatic and surrounding areas.

Literacy Project: Patanatic Library. 
  Thank you to the support of the Olathe Noon Rotarians Arthur Kent Donley and Charles Nigro the Patanatic Library of Sololá Guatemala received a donation of books for kinder to six grade levels.

The Principal of the School Cesar Garcia expressed his gratitude for the donation: “thank you Rotarians because our students today have access to precious and valuable books that will help the students to continue their success.
Teachers now know that there are more books that the students, from levels kinder to six grades, can have access for their different research project or for reading or for math assignations, “Muchas gracias”.
The donation also include education poster that the teachers can use for subject such as:  science, social studies, reading and geometry, geography and others.
Water filter project.

Olathe South High School continue the support to the Guatemala Water project with a donation that will provide access to water filters to 10 families/60 people. 

The Olathe South High School Spanish Class under the leadership of the Teacher Stephanie French developed an awareness campaign in the school by talking about the importance of safe drinking water and the impact in the life of people less fortunate in Guatemala.

Thank you to all the students and to Mrs. Stephanie French!

 Community garden/farm Patanatic.
The community garden/farm continues producing more vegetables and nutritional supplements for the children and families that participate in the nutritional program.  Radish, coli flowers, squash, carrots and other had been producing during this trimester.  Also the production of eggs and goat milk is continuing and besides the families of the nutritional program, also the kindergarten and first grade students of the Patanatic elementary school had been beneficiated with this project.

Guatemala: Access to Education, Health and Safe Drinking Water Program.
On April Jorge Coromac VP of Woodland was invited to present the program to the leadership of Xavier University in Cincinnati and to the Rotary Club of Oregon District 5110: Rogue Valley After 5 RC, Rogue Gateway RC and Jacksonville-Applegate RC.

During the presentation Jorge was able to highlight the tremendous work that the local leaders of the communities of Sololá are doing in regards education, health and access to safe drinking to their communities in collaboration with ACONANI, Woodland, Rotary, Xavier University and other humanitarian organizations.
This Community Participatory Program is focus in:

a) creates capacity in the community,

b) community engagement,

c) promote sustainability,

d) establish strong partnership, and volunteer opportunities.

To learn more about how to become a volunteer of to support these projects contact Jorge Coromac at; or


Woodland in 2013 
Woodland welcomes individuals, churches, universities, social service institutions, corporations and to all volunteers from previous years to unify efforts in the implementation of the programs that increase capacity-building in the less fortunate communities.

Together we can maximize resources, abilities, and skills that will strengthen the active and responsible participation of community leaders and providing them with support that will drive them to becoming managers of their own development.

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